Silent Installs

This page is for Advanced users interested in automation of software install using batch files.

echo %Time% :Installing Firefox

%IPath%firefox\firefox.exe" -ms -ms /D="C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"

echo from

echo Todo: install only as a update.

echo %Time% :Media Player Plugin for Firefox

%IPath%firefox\ffplugin.msi" /quiet

echo %Time% :Installing Flash and Shockwave

msiexec /I %IPath%flash\install_flash_player_active_x.msi" /passive /norestart

msiexec /I %IPath%flash\install_flash_player_plugin.msi" /passive /norestart

%IPath%flash\sw_lic_slim_installer.exe /S

echo %Time% :Installing QuickTime Alternative

%IPath%quicktime\quicktimealt181lite.exe" /norestart /verysilent /LoadInf=%IPath%quicktime\qtalt.ini" /TASKS="systemrestorepoint"

echo %Time% :Installing Adobe Reader

msiexec /I %IPath%adobe\Acroread.msi" /passive /norestart

echo %Time% :Installing KLcodec Pack

%IPath%KLcodec\klmcodec385.exe" /norestart /silent

echo %Time% :Installing CCleaner

xcopy %IPath%ccleaner\ccsetup2.exe" c:\ /Y

c:\ccsetup2.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\CCleaner

xcopy %IPath%ccleaner\ccleaner.ini" "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\" /y

Echo %Time% :Installing Freemind

%IPath%Freemind\Freemind.exe" /silent

Echo %Time% :Installing Openoffice

msiexec /I %IPath%openofficeorg24\openofficeorg24.msi" /passive /norestart

xcopy %IPath%openofficeorg24\Desktop\*.*" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop" /C /Y /h /I /R

xcopy %IPath%openofficeorg24\Desktop\*.*" "C:\Documents and Settings\All\Desktop" /C /Y /h /I /R

echo installing MS office 2007 Compatibility pack

%IPath%OpenOfficeorg24\FileFormatConverters.exe" /quiet

echo %Time% : Installing

msiexec /I\PaintDotNet.x86.msi" /passive /norestart

echo from

Echo %Time% :installing Thunderbird

%IPath%Thunderbird\setup2.exe" -ms -ms /D="C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird"

echo %Time% :Installing Skype

msiexec /I %IPath%skype\skypesetup.msi" /passive /norestart

echo %Time% :Running CCleaner

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe" /auto


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